Make Love, Not War

Uruguay has made history last year when it became the first country in the world to legalise the growing, selling and comsumtion of marijuana. The US-led ‘war on drugs’ as widely been seen as a failure due to crime and endless bloodshed, which has led Latin American nations to openly debating the legalization of drugs. In the US some states have also moved towards legalization of the drug. There are 25 million active marijuana users in the US, with 750.000 being arrested for it in 2011. Enforcing marijuana laws in the US is responsible for a potential loss of around 41 billion dollars. (Al Jazeera, 2014)


Al Jazeera. (2014, January 18). The Marijuana Economy. Al Jazeera.


4 thoughts on “Make Love, Not War

  1. In my opinion, most of the western world has been turning a blind eye to research reports saying the legalization of marijuana would save money, increase public safety and reduce the amounts of hard drugs being used for ages. I’m very happy and optimistic to see what happens in both Uruguay and the US. By rethinking substance abuse the world and America will be a lot better off, the biggest problem in the US at the moment is their prescription drug use problem anyway. I hope this resolution will clear the way for a liberal way of thinking which would benefit society as a whole.

  2. because some abused it, the banned it, i wonder how that applies to all the men who abuse women, amen, standards, at least in south america they have brains over there

  3. Well, i’m from Holland and there is actually a petition being handed to the minister of safety and justice by 33 municipalities to legalize weed today. The minister basically said we can’t because it’s against the law…

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